The Time I Wondered in Night

My soul is sinking in tempest-tossed seas, and midnight my heart does obscure.
A chaos compasses my spirit about, that I suffer yet cannot endure.

The world is silent except for the Grace, that whispers, “Each burden I share”
But star-like, my expectations are dimmed by clouds of doubt and despair.

Yet a phantasmal wisp of daylight I see, cloak the top of the distant trees.
It rises softly and steadily, on the nurturing wings of a breeze.

Hope is only a glimmer right now, but I’m on the edge of night,
And only another moment will find: the whole world swept with light.

Grass will be vivid and green again, the birds will chirp once more,
And my heart will be filled with a reverent joy, it never has known before.

If sunshine had blessed my nativity, and glistened over my youth,
My soul would have somehow been blinded, I fear, and would never have learned this truth:

That Love is more brilliant and searching, than mortal words can tell,
Revealing the depths of its riches, in the desolate chasms of Hell.

My tongue could not justly render its praise until I had witnessed the Light;
That from Heaven pours down, the dark earth bound, to wash away the night.

Oh I am only a child right now—scarce discerning the left from the right:
But morning shall find that I cannot curse, this time that I wondered in night.

©Chloe S. Flanagan 2016