An Epiphany Carol

Tread quickly, now, O Worshippers, Wise.
The Lord of lords is nigh!
Bright tidings of His glorious birth
Have pierced the midnight sky.
With trembling awe, the infant-King bring,
Your tribute fitly paid:
For all the world His treasure-house is,
Whose hands all life have made.

And see then, now, your splendor and wealth
Eclipsed by radiant Love,
That lowly human form to assume
Spurned highest throne above.
Rejoice! For He, whom legions of God
Did night and day attend,
Has come to Earth, in meekness to serve:
A Savior, Lord, and Friend!

While bringing tokens, lovely and fine,
A greater gift behold:
A fragrant offering, sweeter than spice
With worth exceeding gold.
This Babe that sweetly gazes upon
The boons before Him cast,
Will lay His life down:
Love to exalt and hate to purge at last!

© Chloe S. Flanagan 2017