An Election Day Letter

Dear sister or brother,

We both exercised our privilege to vote today and, even though we belong to different political parties, I want you to know that I won't question your faith based on the decision you made in the voting booth, and I trust you not to question mine. Some members of both our parties will engage in this behavior, and I'll admit that when I was younger and prouder, I might have too. But not now. 

Now, I focus on the times we've held hands and prayed together, cried together, praised together. I know of your grace and compassion. When I've seen your faith in action, why would I question its existence? And because of you, I can also look with love at other believers that think differently than I do. I can remember that God pours out the treasures of His love into many diverse, earthen vessels. He's humbled me enough, over the years, for me to realize that none of us hold a monopoly on Him. 

As for the future, I have confidence in the fundamental strength of our fellowship. And, if nothing else, let us agree that all the people we've voted for today were created in God's image, and that His visionary plans for our lives, our nation, and the world are preeminent and vast, stretching far beyond the limits of our varied imaginations. 

May peace be with you, now and in the days to come.