A Thanksgiving Prayer

In recognition of Thanksgiving, the close of one year, and the approach of another, I wanted to share a meditative prayer, inspired by Psalm 27.

You are our Light and Salvation. Whom shall we fear? You are the strength of our lives, what can make us afraid? When struggles, grief, and pain would distract us from You—attacking our flesh to weaken our souls—You cause them to fail in their purpose. Though we often find ourselves beset by heartaches and worries, time and time again, You prove that You are worthy of our confidence.

Although our prayers may vary based on our circumstances, there is one thing we endeavor to ask of You and strive for consistently: help us to faithfully walk in Your presence. Teach us to recognize the complex beauty of Your love in the desires and plans you have for our lives.

Loving Father, in the times we need help the most, You remind us that we occupy a place of special favor. Our security is hidden in You; and in You alone we find stability.

As we recall how you have raised us up in past adversity, we take this moment to stand in profound worship, pouring our hearts out in gratitude. And moving forward, we seek to sing Your praises by our words and our actions.

But so often, our praises turn to supplications. In Your mercy, therefore, please hear us and teach us to hear You when You respond. You bid us come and seek You, and with all of our hearts, we long to find You in our daily lives. Bless all our searching and questioning. Have patience with our doubts and apprehensions. May they not separate us from You but, instead, may they gradually dissolve into a deeper understanding of Your identity. You have always been our Deliverer and Provider. Do not cease to make Your presence known to us, for our salvation is in You. Even when other people, our own strength, and our most fundamental safeguards fail us, Lord, we trust You to guard and preserve us.

Teach us to obey You and to walk in Your will when we are surrounded by so many influences that cause us to waiver; so many voices that whisper lies about ourselves or our relationship with You. Without our faith in Your promises to bless and enrich our lives in the here and now, we would lack the strength to hope. But we do have hope in You. Teach us, then, to trust Your perfect will and timing with patience, and to encourage one another in the same, by the power of Your Spirit.

Bless us, we pray, as we face the days to come with hope and thanksgiving, eagerly awaiting new revelations of Your goodness and new opportunities to love and be loved.