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Peace and blessings to all! My name is Chloe Flanagan. I'm a blogger, technical writer, and author. My debut novel, Forward to What Lies Ahead is coming out through Amazon Publishing in late November 2017. 

Thanks for visiting the Candid Corinthian, a blog that seeks to examine the Christian walk frankly and thoughtfully. I love to discuss Scripture, literature, the Church universal, and the glorious and confounding grace of God. I heartily welcome comments, questions, counterpoints, prayer requests, and all other respectful remarks.


  1. I just finished reading your book, Forward To What Lies Ahead. I am so very impressed and couldn't put the book down! God bless you Chloe, I look forward to reading many more of your novels! Debbie Page

    1. Debbie, thank you so much for reading and for your kind comments. You really made my day! The next book should become available in May (that’s the goal anyway:) Have a blessed day!


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